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Women of the Peninsula
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The women of the peninsula overcame excessive hardships to build a future for their families. Many left a profound mark on the history and growth of the Gig Harbor Peninsula.

This exhibit is a history and contemporary account of peninsula women, examineing their daily lives and demonstrating their significant contribution
to the economic vitality and quality of life on the peninsula.

To meet a few of the peninsula's noteworthy and successful women click on the links above.

Follow the timelines below to explore the events that directly affected, and greatly changed, the role and lifestyle of the peninsula's women.

1841-1890 ~ Exploration to statehood | More
1891-1918 ~ Growing communities to World War One | More
1919-1940 ~ Economic development and bridging the Narrows | More
1941-1945 ~ The war effort | More
1946-1964 ~ Growth and a new bridge | More
1965-2000 ~ Women at the forefront of business and politics | More

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