$10,000 to $49,999
Active Construction
Betsey Allen
Paul and Lisa Alvestad
Bratrud & Middleton Insurance
Brian Cunningham
Brian F. Dammeier

Buy Danazol
Nicholas and Julia DiRe
The Ekberg Family
Mac Gray
Carl and Sara Geist
Gig Harbor Fishermen’s Club
Gig Harbor Morning Rotary
Paul Gustafson Bequest
JoAnn Hansen Family
Al and Sharon Hanson
Neal and Nancy Heston
Karen and Vern Hoven
Randi Powell-Johnson & Dave Johnson
Patricia Kelley
Helen Langer Smith, Chairman --
   Kitsap Bank
Gene and Evie Lynn
Chuck and Helen Matthaei
Al and Georgia Meier
Joan E Mitton
The O’Neill Family
Terry and Gretchen Owen
MJ Packard
Rainier Pacific Bank
The Pupo Family
Rosedale Gardens
Frank and Sandy Ruffo
Fred and Dorothy Stroh Family
Tom and Jackie Taylor
Patricia Tebb
Ellamary and Bob Thorpe
Timberland Bank
Signe and Jan Twardowski
Eugenia Uddenberg
Charlie and Theresa Walters

$1,500,000 and greater
Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society Board of Trustees, Leadership Council, and
Staff including:
Walt and Janice Smith
Richard and Kathy Pifer
Carol and Bill Gorman
John and Carole Holmaas
Linda and David McCowen
Jannae and John Jolibois
Jeff and Tammis Greene
Lisa Tallman
Jim Borgen
Mark Caviness and Tami Morgan
Jan and John Vance
 Beth and Wade Perrow
Robert and Gale Sullivan
Ron and Katie Robertson
Cheri and Jay Johnson
Jack and Susie Sutton
Gene and Barbara Pearson
Rosemary and Ron Ross
Jake and Pat Bujacich
Joe Hoots
Don and Betty McCarty
Jennifer and Derek Kilmer
Victoria Gehl and Robert Blackwell
Sue and Wynn Loiland

$1,000,000 to $1,499,000

$250,000 to $999,999
Julian and Leslie Schmidtke
Rev. Charles F. Schreiner Family











Harbor History Museum, formerly the Gig Harbor Peninsula History Museum
4218 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor, Washington, PO Box 744, Gig Harbor, WA 98335 ~ 253.858.6722
Copyright 2008 GHPHS

$1,000 to $9,999
James and Bidda Adams
R.A. and Irene Adolphson
Robert and Priscilla Alessandro
Marvyl Allen
Peter Allison
Don and Shannon Anderson
Steve and Sandy Anderson
Ed and Teri Andrews
In honor of Captain Frank Barker, Puget Sound tugboat Skipper
Gail Bronson
Allan and Joanne Bucholz
Bullis Family
Burnham Storage Box
Josi Callan & George Cole
Kurt and Michaela Carlson
CenturyTel WA/OR
John and Diane Church
Paul R. Conan
Dr. Richard and Leesa Coyner,
   Family Dentistry
Chris and Matthew Erlich
Bob and Betty Felker
Gig Harbor Mid-day Rotary
Global Impact
Mary Gorman
Tim and Janice Grigar
Carl and Melanie Halsan
Jim and Jill Hanson    
Great Car Wash
Dale and Judy Harrison
Ron and Debbie Hendrickson
Mark and Marilyn Hoppen
Charles and Dianne Hunter
Richard and Sandy Jasper
Paul and Alice Kaltinick
Jane Shaw Karlson
Ken and Susan Kirk Jr.
Jane Koler
Dr. Eric & Bradie Kvinsland,
Kvinsland Dentistry
John and Pat Lantz
Dr. Gene Lapin
John & Sara Long
Paul and Lita Luvera
Ken and Barbara Malich
Theresa Malich and Randy Mueller
Charles and Edith McGill
Mike Misner and Sara McDonald
Gary and Lola Methner
George Moergeli, Jr. and
Maxine Moergeli
Mardys and Grant Morrison
John and Tricia Mulligan
Marjorie Ogden
Panattoni Development, Inc.
The Pasin Family
Tim and Stephanie Payne
Peninsula Insurance, Jim and
   Chris Thomas
Peninsula Light Company
The Peterson Family:
John & Eunice Christensen
Jeff & Sandie Goldie
Mark & Lisa Helling
Alys Hopkins
Jerry & Eileen Jarrett
Marvin & Shirley Peterson
Tom & Shannon Peterson
Lynn Tauscher
Susan Rand
Ron and Pearl Ray
Jim and Linda Ribary
Nancy Rimel and William Kelly
Al and Deb Ross
John and Marilyn Ross
Ryan, Jorgenson & Limol PS
Linda Schmidt
David and Patricia Senner
Dorothy Sivo
Steve and Gayl Skibbs
Robert H. Smith DDS --
on behalf of:

Drs. Doug Clarke and Jim Hughes
Dr. Nick DiRe
Dr. Debi Enneking
Dr. Michael Flatley
Drs. Kerwin Steffen and Sam Hinz
Dr. C.J. Jang
Drs. Roger Johnson and
Raymond Kao

Drs. Paul Kadzik and Phil Kiss
Drs. Jon Kvinsland and
Eric Kvinsland

Dr. Roger Mayfield
Drs. Parastu Mirmonsef and Conway Upshur
Dr. Tim Quinn
Drs. Jim Ribary and Keiko Wada
Dr. Kim Rioux
Dr. Matt Stadler
Dr. Michelle Wolfrom
Gordon and Jenny Smith
Sharon Snuffin
Steffen & Hinz, PLLC
Glen and Sherry Stenbak
In Memory of Steve Tappero
Stewart Title
Tacoma Narrows Constructors
Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc.
Bert and Kathy Uddenberg
Ken and Jill Uddenberg
Allan and Janice Undem
Venture Bank
WPC Inc.
Al and Nancy Weaver
West Sound Workforce Inc.
Rogers and Elaine Wells
Joyce Wenk
Gerald and Maryanne Whitcomb
Gary and Rosalie Williamson
Willis Marketing
Charlie and Joan Zartman

Gifts up to $999
Marshall and Muriel Adams
Marsh and Helen Allen
Ruth Allen
Florence and Wes Arms
Artondale Elementary School
Dan and Ann Bailey
Jean and Jac Baker
Timothy Ball and Kris Reddin
Kathy Barker, Charl Blackwood, and
   Karen Carlson
Andrew & Sally Bell
Gerald and Nancy Bloodgood
Mark & Sherrie Bonsell
Particia Borgen
Bill Mays and Madelyn Botta
Marsha A. Brossmer
Howard and Doris Brownlee
Diana M. Browning
Jack and Cindy Bujacich
Paul and Victoria Burgess
Fred and Karen Burne
Carl and Jeanne Campen and Family
Cannon Construction Inc.
Charles Carlson
Bryan and Thelma Channon
Art and Donna Chetlain
Gilbert Comstoch
Dan and Adele Clouse
Coastal Heritage Alliance
Pearl Cooprider
Lois Crandall
Corinne Cruver
Katherine Desberg
Jayne Stanich Dempsey
Cindy Dillion
John Dillon
Discovery Elementary School Staff
Discovery Elementary VPO
Byron and Junice Dodge
A.M. Donnan
Jeff and Roberta Drohlshagen
George and Laura Edman
Steve and Marion Ekberg
Susan and Gerry Elston
Dorothea and Michael Elwell
John and Marilyn English
Lucille Fleischmann
Carol Foley
Clara and Kenneth Forbush
Dino Formiller
F/V Home 2 ~ Adam F. Ross
F/V Adana R ~ Adam J. Ross
F/V Taurus ~ Michael A. Ross
F/V Jackie R ~ Adam J. Ross, Jr.
Jane Galbraith
Dean Gallaghan
Claudia Gentzkow and Frank Ralph
Forbes and Jean Gildersleeve
William and Phyllis Gill
S.E. Godman
Jason and Linda Graham
Karen Gray
GFWC Fortnightly Club
Marcia and Jeffery Harris
Bill and Trish Harter
Gay Hartman
Michael Hansch Family
Harbor Heights Elementary 2008
Paul and Jennifer Heath
Warren and Claire Hendrickson
Penny and Mel Henry
Larry and Carol Hills
In the name of Simon Enzo Hirsch
Kristine Alskog Hochberg
Paul Hoffman
Jim and Georgia Hoghaug
In honor of Samuel Babbo Hunter
Laurie Dahl Isacson in Memory of
   Norman Isacson
Albert and LauraLea Iverson
Terry and Janet James
David and Ellie Johnson
Trent and Lydia Jonas
Penny Jones
Jack and Diane Joyce
Nick and Marie Jurlin
Kip and Nancy Kalbrener
Jim and Judy Keller
P. Kelley Construction
Ken Kieffer
Ken and Nancy Keiter
Carl Knecht
Ruth Kraft
Carroll and Leila Kramer
Janet Lee
Fred and Karen Lo
Mary Long
Marie Lovrovich
Jean M Lyle-Roberton
Mary and James Mancuso
Sooz Mansuteo
Mary Lou and Tyler MacDonald
Carolee Nichols and Gloria Maupin
Francis and Audrey McBride
Jan McCarthy and Clint Chism
John and Patti McFerran
Sandy McWilliams
Robert Merry
Richard and Francine Minorand
Parastu Mirmonsef
Soun Moffett
Donald and Kathryn Moore
Brian and Joann Morford
Douglas and Kari Murphy
No Dearth of Books
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nadler
National Concrete Cutting
Marilyn Naylor
Tom and Wanda Nevin
The Homer and Joyce Olsen Trust
Jean M. Olson
Bob and Jane Ostericher
Ray and Patty Payne
Robin and Kae Paterson
C.L. and Patty Pecchenino
Elizabeth and Russell Pedersen
Linda Petersen
Doniene Price
Burton and Helen Prosser
May Quesnel
Bob and Joyce Reinhard
Larry and Archelle Reynolds
Denny and Sheryl Richards
Marcia Riggers
George and Donna Rippon
Jo Roby
Mark and Virginia Ross
Susan Ross and Gonzalo Tello
Craig and Millie Russell
Ruth Ryan i
Angie Schmidt
Paul and Rosemary Schneringer
Seattle Yacht Club
Mariam Serfass
Anita Sieber
Lee and Kimmy Skiftun
Todd and Pauli Stakset
Leslye Stewart
Beverlee and August Storkman
Jaime and Joan Storkman
Joyce Taylor-Arledge
Harriet Tobin
Signo Uddenberg
Robert Uehling and Kathleen Nevin
Alvin and Joan Veitenhans
Roberta Wagner
Violet and Christine Walle
In honor of Christine Wallet
Ken Walter
Sean Watson
William Weiss
Ken and Janet Weller
Irene Wentworth
Gretchen Wilbert
Jeffrey and Judi Wilbert
Nancy and Don Williams
Gordon and Sean Wohlfiel
Susan Wood
Troy and Tamara Woodman
Thom and Allison Worlund
Aaron and Kristine Yetter
Don and Betty Young

$100,000 to $249,999
Morris Foundation
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Sequoia Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
Howard S. Whitney Foundation
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation


We are sincerely grateful to all those who have generously supported the Harbor History Museum’s New Place In Time campaign.  These gifts represent the vital commitment of individuals, families, businesses, and foundations in preserving the harbor’s heritage and bringing it to life
in a dynamic, vibrant cultural center at the heart of the harbor.

$50,000 to $999,000
City of Gig Harbor
State of Washington
US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development

$10,000 to $49,000
Washington State Dept. of Transportation

$10,000 to $49,000
Unger Foundation
Forest Foundation
Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation
Lindgren Foundation
Key Foundation
Bechtel Foundation
DeFalco Family Foundation

$1,000 to $9,999
The Babare Foundation
Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation
Glein Family Foundation
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Greinke Family Foundation
Keiter Family Foundation
The Meacham Foundation
The Dan and Pat Nelson Family Foundation

Up to $999
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
IBM International Foundation

Public Funding



As of June 17, 2008

Thank you, for helping make the
Harbor History Museum a reality.

Your partnership in and support of
this monumental project is helping
us develop what we believe will be
the premier activity and gathering
spot on the Gig Harbor Peninsula.

$50,000 to $249,999
Columbia Bank
Erivan and Helga Haub
John and Carole Holmaas
Jon H. Kvinsland, DDS
Beth and Wade Perrow
Ron and Katie Robertson
George Russell Jr.
Peachy and Jay Smalling
Walt and Janice Smith
Peter and Janet Stanley
Tallman and Sass Family
The Finholm Family:
Mike, Gretchen, Peter, John,
   Paul, and Luke Allen
 Roger and Mary Lou Bird
 Justin Cushman and Kristen
   Austin Finholm
  Scott and Amy Finholm
   J. David Finholm
Jack and Marge Finholm
   Ron and Sharon Finholm
   James and Kathleen Heller
Lance, Janelle, Brayden,
and Micah Hester

   Monte and Teddi Hester
   Ronald A. and
Margaret D. Johnson

   Tom and Becky Lester
   Joe McDonald
   Marty and Stacy Paul
   Michael and Cynthia Paul
   Mike and Helen Paul
   Greg and Susan Peterson
   Erik and Robyn Saathoff
   Aaron and Kristine Yetter
Uptown Gig Harbor