With your investment in the new Harbor History Museum we will preserve our area’s history while creating the first—and only—major cultural facility in Gig Harbor.

Indeed, Gig Harbor will be home to the premier cultural facility on the Kitsap Peninsula.

To purchase the property, make renovations, and create compelling exhibits, we have established a budget of
$10.08 million.
The members of the Historical Society board and staff have each made significant gifts in support of the New Place In Time capital campaign. In many cases, these are the largest gifts they have ever made. Their combined contributions total over $1.5 million.

It will take the support of the entire community to make the Harbor History Museum a reality.

Your return on investment will be substantial.

The new Harbor History Museum will:

Work alongside a master boatwright to restore the 65-foot purse seiner Shenandoah to its former glory.

Experience a day at a pioneer school, including lessons, recess, and lunchtime.












Harbor History Museum, formerly the Gig Harbor Peninsula History Museum
Copyright 2007 GHPHS

The capital campaign will conclude in late 2008.
The Society target for the grand opening of the Harbor History Museum is early 2009.

For more information, contact Sue Loiland,
Campaign Director, at 253-858-6722 or

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