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Museum-in-the-Classroom & EALRS
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All Museum-in-the-Classroom lessons are aligned to the state EALRS:


1.1 Understand and analyze historical time and chronology
1.2 Understand events, trends, individuals, and movement shaping local history
1.3 Examine the influence of culture on local history
2.1 Compare and contrast ideas in different places, time periods, cultures
2.2 Understand how ideas and technological developments influence people, culture, development


3.2.1 Understand the science and technology have been practiced by all peoples throughout history
3.22 Understand that people have invented tools for everyday life and for scientific investigations

Critical Thinking:

3.1 Understand and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills
3.1.1 Solve problems and draw conclusions
3.1.2b Distinguish between fact and opinion
3.1.2d, 3.12e Investigate and analyze cause and effect relationships and their impact on people, environments, and economic systems
3.11.e Think chronologically


1.2 Listen to gain and interpret information
3.2 Work cooperatively as a member of a group